Tailgate & Taillight Blackout Decal compatible with Jeep Gladiator 2018-2022



A one of a kind, Ichthus Graphics Original! Tailgate and Taillight wrap.

Your choice of two variations:

1. Jeep letters precut to fit over existing Jeep emblem and backup camera, or....

2. Jeep letters are not cutout. The only cutout is the backup camera.

This is a custom designed tailgate stripes/graphics kit compatible with 2018-2022 Jeep Gladiator. This tailgate decal is designed precut, with all holes cut out for backup camera, Tail lights, and J-e-e-p letters. It has been custom designed and fabricated to specifically fit this model with NO TRIMMING needed...AND DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO REMOVE TAIL LIGHTS OR THE J-E-E-P EMBLEMS OR THE BACKUP CAMERA. It is all precut for you already. The picture of this item is an actual picture of the installed product. Made with 7-10 year outdoor vinyl that will out last the vinyl most online sellers use for their kits.

Return policy: All decals must be inspected before installation. Any damaged or unacceptable items can be returned or exchanged as long as an attempt to install them has not been made. Original item must be shipped back to seller in original condition and must not have been attempted to install. No returns accepted on items where installation has been attempted. We fully back our products and guarantee high quality.