American Flag Emblems - The Real Patriot's Emblem

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This American Flag Emblem is one-of-a-kind because we have designed them to be unlike any other emblem on the market. You wont find another one like it. The adhesive we use is the absolute best on the market: 3M! This automotive emblem adhesive and WILL NOT fall off. But if you ever want to remove them they can be removed in a matter of minutes with the proper tools. Follow the installation instructions and the American Flag Emblem will remain on your vehicle as long as you own it.

Appearance: These American Flag Emblems feature a unique "wind blown" look that will make everyone do a double-take. Each color option has a standard flag (stars left, stripes right) and a reverse option (stars right, stripes left). This is so you can fly the flag in its correct orientation. Like on military uniforms, our flags fly with stripes back which indicates moving forward in battle, not in retreat. So, show proper flag flying etiquette and purchase a Regular and Reverse American Flag Emblem.

Installation: They are simple to install and includes everything you need (alcohol wipes, written instructions, installation video). So view our installation video here Installation Video to see how easy it is.

Available in regular (stars left, stripes right for standard placement on driver's side) and reverse (stars right, stripes left for the passenger side).

Color options are chrome, matte black, and gloss black. Every set comes with a thin blue line, thin red line, and a thin green line. You choose your color and install it with pride. Once your friends see this American Flag Emblem they'll want to know where to get them.

Installation Video

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