2022-2023 Toyota Tundra Tailgate Inserts Letters

Ichthus Graphics


Your search for Toyota Tundra Tailgate Inserts is over!

(fits 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra with debossed TUNDRA letters on tailgate)


We designed them. We tested them. We know they are the best on the market.

This isn't just another copycat product. Our background is design so we analyzed the Tundra and determined the style and look of the emblems we wanted to manufacture. These are not thin and flat like so many others you'll find in your search. Another design aspect is the method we use to color these emblems. They are not painted. The color you see is the actual color of the material melted and injection molded into our custom molds for these inserts. This ensures consistent coloration, no fading, and there's no paint that could possibly feel off.

We use the best 3m automotive grade adhesive available. It will hold these emblems in place permanently or until you decide to remove them (heat gun & other tools required).

We take pride in our custom products because they are unique and stand up to our rigorous testing and standards. Our guarantee is that they will will not fall off and will not fade.