F150 Distressed American Flag Graphics - Red, Blue, Green Line



This is a custom designed graphic that fits cars, trucks, and SUVs...and includes both sides of the vehicle. This kit is 82" in length and looks incredible on any vehicle.

We can also reduce the size of this product to any length less than 82" at no charge if you have a specific size preference.

We use certified 3M vinyl. This kit is made with 3M vinyl, it will certainly outlast the vinyl most online sellers use for their kits and you wont have to worry about the quality of product you are receiving. We cant price match because other sellers are using low quality vinyl. With Ichthus Graphics you get OEM quality graphics without the OEM price.

This kit does NOT come with the blue line but can be added with the kit for a small fee.

Return policy: All decals must be inspected before installation. Any damaged or unacceptable items can be returned or exchanged as long as an attempt to install them has not been made. Original item must be shipped back to seller in original condition and must not have been attempted to install. No returns accepted on items where installation has been attempted. We fully back our products and guarantee high quality.