Reflective Thin Blue Line American Flag Stickers

Ichthus Graphics

$8.99 $12.99

These stickers are above and beyond the norm.

  • Three stickers Included as shown in the pictures.
  • Made with exterior and engineering grade reflective vinyl made specifically for the automotive industry...they are going to outlast any other sticker you can buy.
  • The ink used is exterior grade and UV-resistant to prevent color fading.
  • There is an added protective lamination layer on top that provides scratch resistance AND additional UV-resistance.
  • The expected durability of the vinyl is 8-10 years, the color steadfastness is rated at 7 years for the ink.
  • Most other companies will not tell you their expected longevity because they are, at best, half of what our products will provide you.

**The split backing make the installation fool-proof. There is no higher quality sticker and no easier installation.**