3M 1080 Matte Military Green Air-Release Vinyl Wrap Roll Including Toolkit (6ft x 5ft)



Get the complete wrapping experience with the 3M 1080 Wrap Kit! Includes a roll of 3M Vinyl, a durable, scratch-proof, dual cast film designed for vehicle detailing, decoration and full wrap projects. This film's pressure-activated adhesive allows it to slide and be repositioned until firm pressure is applied, allowing for the greatest ease of installation. Acrylic-based air release channels ensure a bubble-free finish. In addition, this item also includes a vinyl-wrapping toolkit, with everything you need: a 3M blue applicator squeegee, durable and flexible enough to seamlessly apply vinyl to curved surfaces; A yellow detailer squeegee for tough wrap jobs and small details; And 2 black felts to coat the edges of the 3M blue squeegee. These felts have a suede finish that is designed to reduce the risk of scratching even the most delicate textured vinyls. Transform your car, truck or motorbike today, with the 3M 1080 vinyl wrapping kit!
  • 3M 1080 vinyls are long-term, removable, dual cast films are designed for vehicle detailing, decoration and full wraps.
  • Comes complete with a vinyl wrap toolkit, including all the tools you need for a complete wrap installation:
  • 1 x Blue 3M medium-hard professional squeegee. With a laser finished edge for precision, this squeegee is soft enough for pliability around curved surfaces.
  • 2 x Self adhesive felts. Place these on the edges of the squeegee to prevent surface scratches during installation.
  • 1 x yellow detailer squeegee for smaller wrap areas.

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